Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Solved 3D driver on Loongson

Foxsen, the administrator of Lemote BBS, says he has solved 3D driver for Loongson Box after one month work.

ATI didn't provide any proper driver for Loongson Box. I heard that Lemote collected some information and then used a guess-and-try method to write basic driver for R7000 before the Boxes were usable. And now foxsen further finished 3D driver.

However, currently the 3D driver doesn't fully exploit R7000's capacity which gives only 237 FPS on 24bit. Foxsen promised to improve it. Anyway, he' s really a respectable man.


kolter said...


do you have a source for this information ?

do you know if he will release its work on this 3D driver with an open source licence ? and will he try to submit its work to Xorg ?


ubuntpku said...

The piece of news is translated from Lemote BBS. Foxsen actually used a Xorg+drm+mesa method to solve the problem using five Debian packages:
kernel source 2.6.18
Then he modified some code for Loongson and then solve the problem.

I have asked him your questions. Waiting for a reply.

ubuntpku said...

I guessed that foxsen would keep it opensource and he does.

He promised to keep his work opensource. They are originally open and he just rewrite some parts essential for porting to Loongson.

Although he is wondering if Xorg will accept his work, foxsen promised to try to submit it when he have time.

kolter said...

sounds good :)