Sunday, March 18, 2007

64bit kernel problem may be related to RAM size

Recently I upgraded my Lemote Box to 512M main memory. 256M is indeed a little small for GNOME. As current 32bit kernel do not support memory larger than 256M (If you can solve it, just contact Lemote and get one machine!), I was forced to use 64bit kernel. It no longer freezes.

Talked with foxsen and he agrees. His Loongson laptop is with 512M memory and never dumps. But his Loongson Box with 32bit kernel did freeze once.

Waiting for explanations and solutions.

To friends who are interested in Lemote Box

If you want a Lemote Box, you'd better contact Lemote and prove that you can make good use of it, e.g. software porting. Lemote still keep a very few Lemote Boxes for super Linuxers. Lemote Box will be free of charge if you do something important . Several days ago Lemote has given a Loongson Box to a high school student as a gift for his undergoing contribution to multimedia lib, though he didn't have a purchase order. His work is try to write a lib useing Loongson Multimedia Instructions.

Another choice is to wait for better products which will come out this year.

Beryl 0.2.0 on Loongson Box

It is not amazing that youbest again made the eye-candy project running on his Lemote Box. Although it is still not very stable and many special effects are not available for some reasons, it proves the ability of the little machine.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Progressing, but a little slowly

Lemote has release a new version of Loongson-optimized mplayer and new real codecs. From the instant feedback of users it is said that there may be a 20 percent better(faster) when playing rmvb and other videos. Strangely, still some rm file cannot be played. Perhaps we still need more work.

Foxsen today says he has solved 1G RAM problem. Current PMON has bugs so that it refused to recognize some 1G RAMs correctly.

64bit kernel is another issue. Many users have encountered a serious problem that 32bit Linux system running on 64bit kernel is accidentally down. It is difficult for developers to solve such random-occurring problems. Strangely, it seems that some users never had this problem but some usually got it.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Bochs on Loongson

Youbest has ported Bochs on Loongson platform and make NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeNAS, GeeXBox, Red Flag Linux( a Chinese commericial Linux distro, I never used it) and Win98 running. The problem is Bochs is very very slow on Loongson.