Saturday, March 10, 2007

Progressing, but a little slowly

Lemote has release a new version of Loongson-optimized mplayer and new real codecs. From the instant feedback of users it is said that there may be a 20 percent better(faster) when playing rmvb and other videos. Strangely, still some rm file cannot be played. Perhaps we still need more work.

Foxsen today says he has solved 1G RAM problem. Current PMON has bugs so that it refused to recognize some 1G RAMs correctly.

64bit kernel is another issue. Many users have encountered a serious problem that 32bit Linux system running on 64bit kernel is accidentally down. It is difficult for developers to solve such random-occurring problems. Strangely, it seems that some users never had this problem but some usually got it.

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cest said...

Did You try to consult Patrick Volkerding for this issue? He is the head of Slackware distribution and frequently points out the importance of having the right glibc for the right kernel?