Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Run EIOffice2007 on Loongson Box

"Sanlunchefu"(in Chinese means "pedicab driver"), a member on Lemote BBS, said that he had made Evermore Integrated Office 2007, the latest version of EIOffice, successfully run on Loongson Box.

Written completely in Java, EIOffice is portable to Linux, including Debian GNU/Linux on Loongson CPU.

The software looks and behaves very very much like M$ office. People may feel easier to switch from M$ to Evermore. It is excellent in exporting and importing M$ office filetypes. PDF and html are also supported. Moreover, EIOffice featured a Science Editor, which allow users to edit some complex math curves or chemical symbols, etc.

However, unlike OpenOffice, EIOffice is not a free software, though it is rather cheap. I hope Lemote will negotiate with Evermore Software on this issue.

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