Monday, January 22, 2007

Loongson 2F may come out in 2007

Loongson 2F, a new member of Loongson CPU familiy, may come out in 2007.

According to Lemote official, Loongson 2F is planed to tape out before Chinese Spring Festival (Feb 17, 2007) if possible.

Better designed, Loongson 2F is expected faster than Loongson 2E(The CPU what I am using now) by 20%-30% with even smaller power consumption, 2W!

Meanwhile, it is said that Loongson 3, the multi-core Loongson CPU for web servers and supercomputers has been placed on developers' agenda. If Loongson 3 is successfully developed, we will enjoy multi-core performance with power consumption no more than a typical 1-core x86 CPU.

Loongson developers described a beautiful prospect for the CPU. But I think there are a lot of difficulties on their way. How can the new-born CPU compete with mainstream x86 CPUs?

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cest said...

I imagine it could compete by price and power consumption on ultra mobile devices eg. PDA, micro-notebooks and smart-phone a like ones.