Tuesday, January 16, 2007


After days of boring waiting, I've received my Loongson Box! No.41 of the first 1000. I'm trying to find any problems. Yes, there's one. The four USB ports are too close. I posted the problem on Lemote BBS and they promised to improve the design.

In general it works well. Better than I expected. Debian GNU/Linux (Etch) and most applications run fluently on Loongson. The lovely box satisfies all the basic needs for a regular user.

However, to be honest, Loongson somehow has a poor performance when running applications which have not been optimized for Loongson, e.g. OpenOffice2.0. I need more than a dozen seconds to open an odp file(something like M$ PowerPoint).

Nevertheless, Loongson Box does work and live up to its reputation and fans' trust. It beats up all rumors.

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debiandevil said...

Congrats! How is the performance compare to a say... 600mhz Pentium with 256MB of RAM running the same OS?