Wednesday, January 24, 2007

OpenRays for Loongson: First Linux distribution special for Loongson

OpenRays, a Chinese Linux distribution, started their support for Loongson CPU two days ago.

Rays and OpenRays (I don't know if their relationship is just like SUSE and OpenSUSE), are based on Debian GNU/Linux system. This kind of Linux are mainly designed for and used by Chinese, so it has better Chinese language support than other world-wide Linux distributions.

Because M$ Windows are so common in China, the default desktop of OpenRays looks like a Windows, making people easier to switch from Win. We can see from the screenshot(provided by "sanlunchefu" on Lemote BBS) that there is a START button on the left of bottom panel.

Notice that "$ cat /proc/cpuinfo" on Loongson box(see the terminal window in the screenshot) does not tell you the actual frequency of Loongson.


cest said...

444 bogomips seem a bit slow? I have a k6@415 with cca 500 bogomips. It does burn 16x CD's but is rather slow as a all around desktop PC.
I use said K6 to write this actual post.

ubuntpku said...

444bogoMIPS seems and only "seems" a bit slow. As its name reveals, a bogomips is bogo. It doesn't really matter when you compare different kinds of CPUs. You may view Loongson 2E as somewhat a PentiumIII at same frequency or faster. Given suitable compiler, Loongson 2E may perform even better. But it is indeedly slow comparing to all the desktop PC around me. That is the fact.

Anonymous said...

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