Saturday, October 6, 2007

say sorry to all my friends on this blog

I am more than a little sad when i realize this blog, and possibly aswell as many other blogs on blogspot, has been under strict accesscontrol in mainland. Using a free web surf abroad helps me enter thesite and confirm its existence. However, i can't login to create new posts.The situation began in this summer. I thought it wouldn't last long asGoogle China should negotiate with someones. Wrong. I just can't loginand post.Thanks to the kind help from one of my best friend outside this country,i got this chance to talk on this blog again.What i know about the Linux-only chip now:1. 2F returned, at least 1 month ago. The chips are under intensetesting now. But no details are unveiled.2. Lemote has been doing survey about Lemote Box (formally called Fulongmini PC, though i never think they are PCs) with Loongson 2F inside on (in Chinese). So the marketing mustbe on the way.3. For some technical questions, i suggest we had better ask on theLemote BBS.All the best

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