Thursday, October 18, 2007

Loongson 2F is to be formally released

On October 12, i found 2 photos showing the motherboard with Loongson 2Fas its heart on Lemote BBS

(,see post #80, #81). Foxsen, the administrator of Lemote BBS, said thatthis is just one of the Loongson 2F's future applications, a homeserver. He decribed the motherboard: "Loongson 2F (the silver chip) +AMD CS5536 south bridge + dual 1000M LAN + Sil3114 Sata + 32MB norflash." This motherboard seems to be a mini-itx, 17cm X 17cm in size,with one IDE in addition to four ESata port and one PCI.

Foxsen appologized to members on Lemote BBS that he couldn't provide anyfurther details of the chip as it is not formally released.

It is said that ST Microelectronics has started Loongson 2F's massproduction. We may expect different kinds of things with 2F inside comeout next year.

Loongson 2F finished tape-out in July and has been get through 2 monthsof heavy test. It consumes 5.6W power at 1GHz, higher than i expected,unfortunately.

Again, thanks to the friend abroad for her help to post this stuff.


Anonymous said...


I had thought the launch would be delayed to next year. Is this version of Loongson multicore?

Looking forward to the launch!

ubuntpku said...

Purchase order of products with Loongson 2F have already been started for about 1 month. However, the price is not freezed currently and may be adjusted in consideration to purchase amount. Mini-PC ( Fulong, Lemote Box, Loongson Box ) with Loongson 2F is sold at 240 to 260 US dollars. Price of the mini server(now named Hailong)is not decided. It highly depends on the HDD volume. Loongson 2 Series are all single core CPU, and Loongson 3 is designed to be multi-core. The progress is rather slow, anyway, in my opinion.

debiandevil said...

I don't think the 2F are multicored.

However I am curious about the performance of the new Loongson, since preliminary report seems to suggest that is will be slower than the 2E on a clock by clock basis. (both scores ~500 in SPEC CPU2000)

_sluimers_ said...

Hey! I finally found the anti-wintel site.
I've been long anti-wintel and heard about loongson just about now... actually, I read about a godson when it was 333Mhz.

And now I see the lemote as very useful product to play games and video's on tv as I have a laptop for other uses.

One question I just have to ask, how come noone tried to run Ubuntu on it?

Ubuntu is now the most popular Linux distro on the planet.
I never got rid of windows until last year due to lack of partition knowledge, software support and installation woes.
But Ubuntu helped me cross that scare and was surprised that every kind of software I liked on windows Ubuntu has as well. The real problem turned out to be hardware, especially webcam/printer support.

Another question, why does the Loongson Box have a fan at all?

I thought low power consumption meant the CPU doesn't need one and if it does it would only fan very slowly, making little noise.

_sluimers_ said...

Ugh! I cannot edit my last comment.
Too much useless information put in there while only wanting to know answers to the two questions.

ubuntpku said...

Ubuntu is not officially supporting mips-compatible cpu and it takes
hard work to port it on Loongson architecture and test. Some people in
opensource community in China has been trying to do the job but in slow

Recently, people are mainly focusing on compiler, GCC. i heard that
performance had a leap. This is even more meaningful in all aspects, really.

And for the fan, yes, i expect exactly the same stuff as you do. The
problem is in this small box not only CPU accumulate heat. Graphic
devices and harddisk are also hot. The box are using very low-end
graphic device (ATI R7000), but even this card consume more power than CPU.

If all devices are put in a normal size computer box, no fan is needed.

Lemote is now pushing their products with Loongson 2F. One of their
product is fanless, without graphic card.

Sandro kensan said...

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chithanh said...

The Loongson 2F has been released, price is 1800 CNY.

Product page (Google translation)
Forum thread (Google translation)

Anonymous said...

just wondering if you have any idea where i can purchase a loongson based pc for my home usage? thanks...

ps: reply to email pls.

Graziano said...

We ported gNewSense to the mips architecture and now you can run it on your yeeloong:

You can purchase Lemote Yeeloong here: or by Lemote itself.

The operating system you are talking about is GNU/Linux, Linux is only the kernel. Please help us to correct this widespread mistake:

Laptop Repair said...

The picture looks beautiful and I hope it works as beautifully as well. Beautiful is an odd word to use with laptop parts but that is what is coming to my mind now.

Anonymous said...