Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Loongson 3 is expected to have 16cores

Another series of Loongson, the multi-core Loongson 3 is in designing. The developers said that they hope it will be a 16core cpu with 1.2+GHz each. The share L2 cache is 8MB.


debiandevil said...

Sounds like a beast, however 16 cores is pretty much useless for a home PC, especially since most program aren't multi-threaded.

I was hoping for a better performing single core processor.

Matt said...

I read at the end of last year, neither AMD nor Intel will be producing single core processors anymore.

Also 1.2GHz x 16 is good in theory and I hope its only noteworthy because there are 16 cores, but I expect more that 1.2GHz cores if the core ideology is to be futureproof and have my blessing.