Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Loongson 2F is to be taping out

The next member of Loongson 2 family, the 2F is sent to tape-out process on May 2nd, 2007. This is about 3 months later than the developers expected at the beginning of this year.

1. 30% faster clock frequency. We can expect for 1G+ product.
2. Comparing to 2E, 2F can saving up to 40% of the power consumption. Moreover, temperature sensor, frequency steps and other power management functions is available.
3. More integrated: DDR2 controller, 66MHz PCI/100MHz PCI-X controller,
Local IO controller, GPIO, time Interrupt Controller、DMA controller and so on.
4. Smaller: 27mm x 27mm, comparing to 35 x 35 of 2E.
5. Better DFT and DFM to lower costs.


Alain said...

As far as I know, the 2F is also much closer to full MIPS compatibility.

ubuntpku said...

That's right!

Loongson 2F is more compatible to MIPS III.

There is an interesting thing that the internal structure of Loongson is a little like alpha not MIPS, although it has a mips-like instruction set.

Anonymous said...

I understood the Loongson 2F would be fully mips64r2 compliant... or was that the Loongson 3?

debiandevil said...

I wonder why they are using a PCI-X connector as oppose to the much more modern PCI-E interface.

Anonymous said...

PCI is a subset of PCI-X. PCIe is electrically not compatible with PCI.
If a chip with PCI-X pins is clever designed the manufacturer of a mainboard can choose if he is using a PCI-X bus as PCI only, PCI-X only or mixed PCI / PCI-X slots.

Raphael W.