Sunday, March 18, 2007

64bit kernel problem may be related to RAM size

Recently I upgraded my Lemote Box to 512M main memory. 256M is indeed a little small for GNOME. As current 32bit kernel do not support memory larger than 256M (If you can solve it, just contact Lemote and get one machine!), I was forced to use 64bit kernel. It no longer freezes.

Talked with foxsen and he agrees. His Loongson laptop is with 512M memory and never dumps. But his Loongson Box with 32bit kernel did freeze once.

Waiting for explanations and solutions.


Gonzalo said...

Hello, I found you blog while i was searching about "loongsong / lemote" computers.
First of all i want you to know that i'm from Argentina, so my english isn't well. I'm 17 years old.
Does a ittle time, i "found" the free software and it's really perfect, so i started to investigate about that, and how i can "help" to the comunity.

I'm writing to you, because i'm very interested in te lemote pc, but here in Argentina, anything knows nothing about that. Another problem is that if i find one of the computers, i have no money so it's very complicated to my acces to one of that.
I tried to enter de lemote home page but it's in Chinese, and i don't understand, Could you enter to the page an write my problem, please ?
Or if you know about another solution, i'm here for hear you.

This is my e.mail, please answer me soon:

Thank you very match.
Gonzalo Salazar

ubuntpku said...

Hello, Ganzalo,

i would like to appreciate your help to the Linux-Loongson platform. As said before, Lemote boxes are always waiting for any people who are interested in them. It is not that diffcult to get one. Just try to register a membership on Lemote BBS
and post your request. I can help you if you find difficulties in using the BBS.

btw, Lemote has generously allow me to go on keeping my Box as a gift. I do not need to pay for it now.

Another solution is sending mail to for a purchase order. Tell them how well you master computer and wait for a reply. This is not recommended as their mail box is virtually alway full.

Again, welcome to join our community.


debiandevil said...

ubuntupku, Have you tried recompile the 32bit kernel yourself? In Gentoo, there is a memory related setting that lets the system address more than 2GB of memory. It might be the same thing happening here.

/I do not have a machine yet so I can't verify anything. But i was hoping to get one!