Saturday, February 24, 2007

Finished slackware on Loongson

'lyh' successfully ported Slackware Linux on Loongson platform today. He says xfce4 and e17 nearly no problem on Slackware-Loongson and he is compiling and testing KDE.

Waiting for his screen shot.


Pino Otto said...

Wonderful !!!

I am a supporter of Slackware and I recently received a Lemote box. I really would like to install Slackware on my Lemote box.

Can you please publish the installation instructions in English ?

Best regards,

ubuntpku said...

Hello, Giovanni, great to see you here! I don't know much about these complex projects as a Linux newbie. You may contact "lyh" and have a talk with him.

His Email:

Also found something here:
A tar.bz2 submitted by lyh. But I don't know how to use it.

ubuntpku said...

The best way for communication is posting on Lemote BBS.

Don't be afraid of Chinese. If you post in English, many people will reply in English too.

Anonymous said...

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